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If You Are Tired of Chasing the Next Client, and Only Getting Paid Once, Watch This
Succeeding and thriving, financially, in a health coaching business is not easy. You might have found that out. Pamela realized[...]
Help People Sell Themselves on Your Coaching
One major reason that many health coaches don't succeed at building a thriving practice is that they don't have enough[...]
Don’t Feel “Rejected” Like “Chopped” Chefs
I love watching cooking shows. Sadly, many of the shows on the Food Network have degenerated into goofy game show[...]
A Powerful Question that Should Require a Permit
We all know that for someone to take the step to work with a health coach, they have to first[...]
Inspiration from the Winter Olympics
Did you catch much of the Winter Olympics? I especially loved the stories surrounding the US Men's Curling and Women's[...]
How to Get Your Coaching Prospects Off the Fence
You've probably had experience with this prospective coaching client: You invest time with them. You do a great job of[...]

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