Help People Sell Themselves on Your Coaching

One major reason that many health coaches don’t succeed at building a thriving practice is that they don’t have enough paying clients.

Pretty simple, right?

And the underlying cause is that they are afraid to sell, or don’t want to.

Which is unfortunate. Because that is simply not understanding what selling really is.

Selling, when done the right way, is NOT trying to convince someone to do what you want.

It’s helping them get what they want.

People love to buy and make decisions to get something they want.

So why not help more people make the decision to work with you?

You can. Just ask better questions.

Here’s one:

“How would ______ help you to/affect ______?”

The first part would be the benefit/ result your coaching delivers. The second is what they want to accomplish.

For example,

“How would sleeping through the night help your productivity at work and your family time afterward?”

“How would losing that weight affect your social life, now that you’re back into the dating scene?”

“How would having prepared meal plans make your life easier?”

What you are doing is helping them see the results they want, in advance.

It’s a lot easier to travel to a destination when you can see where you are going.

You are simply helping them describe it. And want it.

This type of question comes after you’ve already done a bit of probing. Listen carefully when they talk about what they want, and what they don’t like about where they are right now.  Then you just follow this format and fill in the blanks. (You can see lots of other posts about questioning, and other aspects of selling professional at our blog)

Think of what you typically hear from prospective coaching clients. Then practice formulating your own questions so you’ll do it naturally when in a live conversation.

When you do, you’ll find more people selling themselves and asking to work with you.

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Art Sobczak

For over 30 years Art has helped sales pros say the right things to get more appointments, clients, and sales in virtually all industries. He's speaker, trainer, coach, and best-selling author, and now working to help health, wellness, and fitness coaches and trainers help more people. Contact him at Art@HealthCoach.Training or (480)699-0958.

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