Just Zip It. Talking Too Much Can Cost You

A friend of mine, a health coach told me about an experience with a client that cost her money. Because she just couldn’t keep her own mouth shut.

In the final consultation of her eight-week program with the client she said,

“Well, you’ve made great progress and I feel you can hit those goals you set for yourself.  Most of my clients continue and like to keep the momentum going… So I wanted to see if you wanted to do that with another eight weeks … or maybe the four week option … (nervous pause) or if you just wanted to do it on your own?”

The client thought for just a moment and said, “Yeah, I can do it on my own.”

Of course she did. The coach made it so easy for her to do so with her lack of confidence, and by talking too much.

On the other hand, think about what might have likely happened had the coach stopped talking after making her positive suggestion about the eight weeks.

The client probably would have agreed. Even if she didn’t, the coach would have been in a much more powerful position to simply say, “OK, let’s do this then. Let’s just do four weeks.”

There are several points here that are elementary, but carry so much impact. And they’re violated regularly.

  • Don’t talk yourself out of a sale.
  • Shut up.
  • Don’t make negative recommendations.

Make positive recommendations and then pause. Regardless of how awkward the silence might feel.

After getting the question, “What is your best price?” a coach said, “Well, it’s $750.”

No reaction from the prospective client.

“ …but we could probably give you a $150 new client discount.”

No reaction from the prospect.

“And if that’s not in your budget, I probably can take another $80 off.”

“OK, that sounds good,” said the prospect, who probably would have signed up at the full price had the coach simply stated the first price and clammed up.

Action Step: Get comfortable with silence. Don’t feel a compelling urge to keep talking. When you’re with someone in person, keep in mind what they’re doing during the silent times … thinking, stroking their chin, pondering your offer … they are doing the same on the phone.

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Pamela Black

Pam is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and has helped hundreds of clients personally, and many more through her videos, articles, and other resources. She have developed and refined systems and programs that help her to efficiently and effectively work with her clients and provide them an amazing experience and results. And she has methods for enjoying multiple streams of ongoing income, while helping her clients. Contact her at Pam@PamelaBlackHealthCoach.com.

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