Know When They are Signalling They are Ready to Work With You

Many times coaches will miss out on working with a new client because they don’t pick up on buying signals and invite the prospect to work with them.

As absurd as it seems, some coaches hear positives, but they are timid and wait for the person to say “Where do I sign?”

In some cases, they continue talking, in a sense, “Buying it back” after the person is sold.  The prospect is inundated with more information after they are already sold in their own mind, but then doubt–or inertia–kicks in. The easiest thing to do is nothing.

That results in fruitless follow-ups, delays, and and perhaps nothing else occurs.

Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s important to recognize and react to buying signals. Let’s look at some of the basic ones.

1. Possession signals.

These are a sign they have already bought in their mind when prospects say,

“I’d be able to make larger portions and then take it to work for lunch the next day.”

“I would just get up earlier and work out in the morning.”

“I’d keep a water bottle at my desk all day…”


2. When they repeat a question that has been answered fully already, or asking the same question twice in rapid succession.

“When did you say we do the second session after the assessment?”

“How much for the 12-week program again?”


3. “Risk-minimization” questions.

They’re leaning toward working with you, yet they want to have their bases covered regarding risk.

“So what happens again if I need to reschedule a session?”


4. When they mention someone else who worked with you, or a another coach.

“Yes, Tammy said that she has managed to stay on the program and it hasn’t been hard at all.”


So, what’s next? After answering their question or acknowledging their statement, invite them to take the next step:

“Sounds like you are ready to move forward, right?”

“As I mentioned, the Eight-Week Program is the one that will help you accomplish what you want. Let’s get that going…”

Know when they are telling you they are ready to work with you. Make it easy for them by inviting them to work with you.


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Art Sobczak

For over 30 years Art has helped sales pros say the right things to get more appointments, clients, and sales in virtually all industries. He's speaker, trainer, coach, and best-selling author, and now working to help health, wellness, and fitness coaches and trainers help more people. Contact him at Art@HealthCoach.Training or (480)699-0958.

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